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This game needs to get the Celeste treatment. It has all of the potential.

We had a good time playing this. Would purchase a full game with fleshed-out concept!

Thanks for doing this. Not only is it important, it's also a fun game


Cute and well-made game with a great message! I love the style however as some other people said the controls were a little bit hard to get. Otherwise it's a great idea and for a good cause, would also love to see more levels! Keep up the great work :)


The art style and music are amazing  in this game, and also I love the theme!

However the controls felt pretty counter-intuitive with the water jet-pack. it made it really hard for me to move around efficiently.

You definitely have a solid theme going on here though, and I love that!

Yea they take something getting used to. I have some ideas I want to implement to make it a bit less counter-intuitive. But because of the dualfunctionality of the firehose where it is a jetpack but also a firehose that puts out fires you will also have the inverted controls issues. But there is definitely things I want to improve it.


Hello, Did A little video showing the game off, Hope I can help spread your cause a little more!

Is greatly appreciated